Navigate the first-time home buying process like a pro

Take the stress out of your home purchase with professional guidance and assistance from long-time mortgage expert Reg Gustin today. Did you know that you may qualify for state funded assistance? You may. Many states offer upfront help to promote home ownership with first time homebuyers.


You’ve made a great decision = buying a house is an important milestone and taking steps in that direction is a cause worth celebrating. You won’t regret it. A home is more than just a place for you to call your own. It’s also an investment that will benefit your family well into the future. 

With that said, the first-time home buying experience can be incredibly stressful. For most American property owners, buying a home is the single biggest decision made throughout a lifetime. With hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars at stake, this is not something that can be purchased on a whim.

If you’re a start-up tech billionaire or the heir to a vast fortune you might be able to go out of pocket to buy your home, but for most people, a mortgage is required and the down payment can be an obstacle

Did you know that many states offer upfront assistance for the purchase of your first home? They do. Some offer as much as $25,000

When buying a home, the decisions you make today have a major impact on your future.

Qualifying for a mortgage is only the start of the house-hunting process. The next step? Finding the perfect home for you and your family. This is far from a simple process, and there are lots of moving parts to consider.

The list goes on, and that’s without even mentioning the fun stuff, like comparing neighborhoods or evaluating kitchen décor. For first time buyers, things can get overwhelming in a hurry.

The good news? Mortgage Guy 360 is here to help

With over 25 years of experience working as a loan originator at Waterstone Mortgage, Reg Gustin has helped countless first-time homebuyers turn their dreams of homeownership into reality. Reg takes pride in his ability to simplify things for homebuyers and make the process as stress-free as possible. The results speak for themselves.

What are people saying?

” Reg and his team are awesome! Very professional, polite and patient. As a first time home buyer I didn’t know what to expect but this team walked me through everything and made the process simple. Thank you Waterstone Mortgage! You rock!!”  D. Mendoza

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